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I’m a software engineer, based in India, specializing in building web applications. I am experienced in building front-end as well as the back-end for web apps.

Currently, my area of interest is building Dapps, including writing Smart Contracts and creating Web 3.0 frontends for the users to ineract with the underlying Dapp.

Over the years, I have worked with various programming languages (like C++, PHP, Solidity, JavaScript) and frameworks (like ReactJS, and WordPress) to build all kinds of applications.

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DAPPSTAR Screenshot


A sample Dapp that allows users to create (and participatte and vote in) music contests on the blockchain (Rinkeby Test N/W).

Tools: Solidity Web3.js ReactJS Truffle Ganache


CRM for a recritment agency. Lets the users administer recruiters to the organization, and handle records of their clients, job candidates. Role-based access.

Tools: ReactJS PHP MySQL


OpenSpecimen is a Free & Open Source biobank/biospecimen management software. My role was to update the frontend of the website and to integrate the forum with the main site.

Tools: WordPress
NXTGENPT Screenshot


Website for the 'Nxt Gen Institute of Physical Therapy' is built using the WordPress CMS. I was involved in partly recreating the frontend of the website.

Tools: WordPress


Full Stack Developer

Freelance Web Developer ( 2014 - Present )

- As a full stack developer, I have created CRMs, e-commerce stores, blogs, and portfolio websites among others.

- Responsible for development, testing, deployment and bug-fixing for web apps

Tools: Solidity Web3.js ReactJS WordPress PHP MySQL JavaScript

Samsung Research Institute, Noida

Lead Engineer ( 2013 - 2014 )

- Testing and bug-fixing of the WidgetEngine/WebBrowser of Samsung SMART TVs

- Ensuring the bi-weekly builds passed the performnce benchmarks and the sanity tests

Tools: C++

Genpact Headstrong Ltd, Noida

Lead Consultant ( 2011 - 2013 )

- Worked on PWM, a suite of applications used by fund managers to generate reports, manage transactions, and perform various portfloio management tasks for their clients.

- Resposibilities included implementing new features and enhancements for customizing the reports

Tools: C++ Shell Scripting

Wipro Technologies, Pune

Senior Software Engineer ( 2006 - 2011 )

- Designed and Implemented multiple modules separately for touch and non-touch based VoIP phones.

- Led a sub-team of 3 engineers under myself

- Reviewed the requirement specificaton document, created detailed design document, and developed 3 modules for FORD PHEV HMI application.

Tools: C++ Qt

My Story

I started my developer journey as a C++ programmer in 2006. During the next 8 years, I worked in a couple of MNCs in various roles and capacities. I wrote code to create UI for VoIP phones, FinTech tools, and HMI screens for PHEV vehicles.

During these years, I was fortunate to work alongside many talented indiividuals and teams, and learn a lot from them. I learnt to manage time efficiently, to oraganize my workflow better, and how to be a good team-player, And of course, to write better code.

After working for about 8 years as a C++ developer, I stumbled upon WordPress while trying to setup a blog for myself. I was instantly hooked, and became increasingly interested in web development. After a few months of playing around with WordPress and a couple of hobby projects, I decided to take up web development as a full-time job. Thus began my journey as a full stack developer

As a full stack developer, I have had the opportunity to develop backends for web applications, create frontends for user-interaction, design databases for storing site data, fix bugs, and develop new features. I have created CRMs. e-commerce websites, and blogs. I have also created WordPress themes and plugins for a number of clients.

Over the years, I have always tried to sharpen my skills and learn new technologies for better coding and faster development. My tools of work include ReactJS, WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL

Recently, I have developed interest in the blockchain domain, and have been acquiring skills to become a proficient Web 3.0 developer. I am very comfortable with programming in Solidity and web3.js, and using tools like Truffle and Ganache.

Challenging work excites me, and I am always up for it. And I hope to work on a number of meaningful and exciting projects in the future.




The type of projects I enjoy working on

Dapp Development
Front-end Engineering
Backend Development


Programming languages, frameworks, and tools that I have worked with over the years.

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